Elevator Modernization

There are few things in this world that last forever and your elevator isn’t one of them.

Perhaps your elevator equipment is nearing the end of its usable life span. Maybe it’s an older elevator unit and replacement parts are hard to find. It could be that you want to bring your elevator technology up into the 21st century. If any of these apply to you, an elevator modernization may be something you should consider.

An elevator modernization requires a large capital commitment and there are a lot of elevator code requirements that go into modernizing your elevator. We always use non-proprietary equipment in our elevator modernizations as we feel this is most beneficial to our clients, both in the short and long terms as technical support and parts are readily available. Because of our company structure, we offer great value to our clients in regards to price for elevator modernizations.

EMR Elevator Services would be happy to send a representative to your site to offer our opinion on your course of action, and if we feel an elevator modernization is your best option, we will prepare a quote for you. Our team has been in the elevator business a long time and there are few things we haven’t seen. So, if you want experienced personnel that will always keep your best interest in mind, give us a call, 844-729-2909.