Elevator Maintenance

At EMR Elevator Services, we pride ourselves on our elevator maintenance. Proper elevator maintenance, in most cases, should minimize downtime and keep your building moving.

The prevailing trend in elevator maintenance is “Systematic” maintenance. This means that the elevator service provider decides when maintenance should be done. This could be once a quarter or once every six months. To top it off, many of these companies give their technicians an allotted time of 15 to 20 minutes to perform their maintenance regimen. What kind of maintenance are they doing in that short window? The question you should ask is “How does my elevator look and run?” If the answer doesn’t give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, you need to keep reading.

We never forget that there is “Service” in our name. At EMR Elevator Services, we’re old school in that we still perform MONTHLY maintenance. We don’t overload our technicians with an impossible number of units on their routes. In turn, they take their time and perform proper maintenance according to our elevator maintenance protocol. We believe that the better elevator maintenance we provide on a frequent basis, the fewer call-backs we receive. In many cases, our monthly maintenance is less expensive than the other guys’ systematic approach. Clearly, you will see the value in what we do.